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Meet the team

We are here to help grow your business.

You have a vision for where you want your business or nonprofit to go, or you at least have some exciting ideas. Now what?

Since 2014, The Hunsberger Group has been helping business owners and organizations adapt, pivot, and grow through a highly collaborative approach to strategic marketing.

We can help you pivot and grow your small business.

Meet the team

Based in Florida, the dynamic team has 27 years of experience developing and executing marketing plans designed to move people, products, and brands forward as well as drive business growth, user engagement, and revenue.

Melissa Hunsberger

Founder & Strategist

Melissa grew up in small-town America, where entrepreneurs and independent businesses surrounded her. One of those entrepreneurs, her father, owned a heavy-duty truck repair garage.

As Melissa grew, she saw many of the small businesses in her community struggle to stay open. Her father persevered, building a successful business that he eventually sold after 39 years.

As a result, Melissa helps businesses adapt, pivot, and grow through strategic marketing. She’s focused on creating meaningful connections and helping companies build a legacy.

Prior to founding The Hunsberger Group, Melissa worked as a senior marketing and project manager within the agency and non-for-profit sectors.

She is a member of the Rotary Club of Doylestown and previously served as a member of the board of directors for the League of Women Voters in Philadelphia and Miami and was as an advisor to the National League in Washington D.C.

Jason Gless

Business Development Officer

A self-confident, dynamic sales and marketing leader, Jason embodies the ideal team player’s three virtues: humble, hungry, and smart. He’s led several large-scale agency projects, accountable for project management, contract renewals, and client success and retention.

Jason’s ability to rally, motivate and organize others to take action is rather impressive and one of his biggest strengths.

No matter the situation, he knows how to release the pressure with a well-timed dad joke. Jason always prefers his puns to be intended. He has been recommended by 4 out of 5 people who recommend things.

Aly Dublick

Strategic Marketing Specialist

Aly is a seasoned marketing strategist with expertise in planning, execution, and budget maximization across multi-channel marketing.

She recalls taking a marketing class in high school and immediately became fascinated with the interaction between brands and people. Learning what makes a business tick, why customers become so involved with a brand, and how loyalty is built are what drew her in.

Over that past decade, Aly has built those same type of connections for various brands and businesses throughout North America. From agency to manufacturer, she has created equity and sales through shopper, social, digital, and traditional marketing tactics.

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