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A man stands in front of a whiteboard organizing sticky notes while holding a tablet in his right hand.

06: A Data-Driven Approach: Evaluate & Adjust Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Get a bird’s eye view of your social media activity, then evaluate its performance and make adjustments.

A woman sits alone at her desk in front of her computer. Her calendar is visible on the screen.

05: Easy-to-Use Social Media Content Planner

Prepare and organize what you will post on social media so there’s no more scrambling to write something at the last minute or guessing when to publish it.

A woman seated in her brightly lite cubicle leans back in her chair in excitement.

04: Find Inspiration for Your Social Media Content

Aren’t you ready to stop struggling with social media content? Dig into these 5 sources to find inspiration and engage your audience.

A woman wearing a blue sweater holds cell phone in her hand.

03: Learn How to Conduct an Audit of Your Social Media

A social media audit helps you determine which social media channels are worth your time and effort.

A group of young men and women stand to together with their hands in the air.

02: Create Buyer Personas to Attract the Ideal Customer

Take the guesswork out of your social media messages. Get our guide to developing buyer personas.

A table full of pieces of papers and sticky notes related to goal setting.

01: Create Social Media Marketing Goals

Without any goals, it will be difficult to know precisely how well your social media strategy is performing or where you might need to make changes to continue moving forward.